Bryan Merlucci

Growing up and living in New Jersey all his life, Bryan knew he wanted to get away from the harsh winters of New Jersey where he was only was able to enjoy the sun and beaches either in the summers, or when he took a family vacations. So after getting his associates at a two year college in New Jersey, his mind immediately drew me south. After getting accepted into UNCW, he put my deposit down the same day, and started apartment hunting, so he could start enjoying the sun, the beach, and warm weather.

After starting his real estate license in New Jersey, and having the new knowledge he obtained, he knew he wanted to continue that momentum, in his new home. So upon moving to Wilmington, and having a growing love for real estate, he joined the Jeff Domin Realty group so he could meet new people, and learn more about the business. Bryan is brilliant when it comes to client service and really caring about the teams clients.

As a full time student on the UNCW campus, Bryan spends his free time usually helping out on campus, in class, with friends, or at the gym.

Favorite Quote “Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things” - Kenneth Branagh

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